Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sugar math!

There are about 10 tsp of sugar in 12 oz. of soda. That's 0.83 tsp
per oz.

My plastic drink bottles are 20 oz. If I filled them with soda I'd
be getting 16 2/3 tsp of sugar, or 5.5 Tbsp, or just over 1/3 cup of

My iced-tea pitcher is probably 64 oz. So I'd have to shovel 53 tsp
of sugar, or 17.7 Tbsp, or a cup and 1.7 Tbsp.

So, as a rough rule of thumb, if I make a full pitcher of tea and put
less than a cup of sugar in it, I'm doing better than soda! Or a
half-pitcher and a half-cup, etc.